To enlighten the world is my goal in life.

Early years:



Yvonne Doornbos (1979) was born and raised in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. Already as a young child she was fascinated by expressing her creativity. Creating drawings and making pieces of art with paper and glue. One of her favorites moments of the year is ‘St Maarten’, on the 11th of November. That’s when children go from door to door with their home made paper lanterns, and sing traditional songs in return for clementines and sweets.

Design education:

Starlight Special

Starlight Special

After obtaining several florist degrees and still bursting of creativity, Yvonne starts in 1999 with an all round design education at CIBAP in Zwolle. During her traineeship at Maupertuus Vos Interieur she develops her first lamp, the ‘Starlight’, which still today is a revolutionary lighting design! In 2003 she successfully graduates as a presentation & communication designer.

Independ designer:

Doornbos Design logo


Moving to the pittoresk city of Delft created the possibility for Yvonne to pursues her dream. In 2006 she founded Doornbos Design from where she started to develop and manufacturer interior products and lighting designs.

Successful designs:

Money bank

Money bank

Yvonne is blessed to have the opportunity to work with well known Dutch manufacturers like Present Time & Kembo. In the last few years several of her designs where launched world wide and are quoted in magazines and specialist journals.

Lighting Design:

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Getting more and more fascinated by lighting, Yvonne keeps on developing her self by following a lighting scheme design education (2007-2009) and starts providing lighting advice at design shows and the interior design centre. Afterwords several assignments for residential homes followed.

Moving to London:



In September 2011, Yvonne moves with her family to the fizzing town of London where she has started to get a foothold in the designer world. Still eager to learn she is increasing her knowledge on computer software like Auto CAD, Relux & Dialux.

New website:


New website

With such a big change in Yvonne her live, moving abroad, it is time to build herself a new website, this one. Apart from the Press page,we are still working on that one, it is up and running.